Mood Enhancers – 3 Unique Nootropics & Smart Drugs


Walking around my block, I turn a corner and bright orange sunlight splashes my face. Not too bright, the light gently warms my face as iconic songs pass through my earbuds. Nootropic mood enhancers racing through my veins, I momentarily dance with the music with a sense of accomplishment.
This isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it explains a sense of euphoria and fulfillment I often experience as a result of nootropic supplementation and lifestyle practices.
When we have an improved mood not only does it feel good, but we can perform our best as well. As our mood brightens, colors are enhanced, everything is sweeter, and life is better.
While there is no mood enhancer magic pill, there are nootropics and smart drugs that can uplift your day and lead to a better life.
First, we’ll help you understand the brain chemicals involved, then we will provide some nootropic solutions, and finally we’ll offer some mood enhancers you might not expect.
Mood Enhancers: Happy Time Chemicals
When it comes to improving mood and feelings of happiness, everybody has unique needs and brain chemistries to match. For some anxious people, simply reducing anxiety could provide useful.
However, the following three chemicals are generally considered the most important for mood enhancement:
Dopamine – this is the reward brain chemical, which makes us feel happy. It’s associated with many things (such as eating certain foods) and many illicit drugs (like methamphetamine) produce feelings of euphoria and happiness via dopaminergic methods.
Serotonin – the other part of the mood puzzle is often serotonin. This brain chemical is arguably the more important for mood, which is why depressed individuals take SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor).
Oxytocin – while not as well known or correlated with mood, this chemical is linked to touch, interpersonal connection, and community. Mammals are highly touch-oriented creatures and oxytocin is the most important chemical involved with that process

Date: October 14, 2017

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