The Psychology and Neuroscience of Happiness

We know a fair amount about depression, fear, disgust and anxiety, but positive emotions have so far remained mysterious.
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Vin Walsh and a panel of experts discuss the psychology and the neuroscience of happiness.
Vin Walsh is a Professor of Human Brain Research at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL.
Julia Christensen is a Newton International Postdoctoral Research Fellow at City University, specialising in the neural underpinnings of emotional expertise.
Morten Kringelbach is a professor of neuroscience at the universities of Oxford and Aarhus, Denmark. His research uses pleasures such as food, sex, drugs and music to understand pleasure and well-being in the human brain.
Joe Gladstone is an Assistant Professor at University College London. Named one of the top 30 people under 30 in Finance by Forbes Magazine, Joe’s research draws from both Behavioural Economics and Consumer Psychology to understand how we can help people to improve their financial decisions.
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Date: October 14, 2017