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When we criticise others, it’s a sign that we have to look at ourselves. Watch this X
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More often than not, it’s a lot easier to see in others what we do not like, than it is to see our own weaknesses.
Whether we’re a confident or not confident person, our brain seems to work in a way that helps us come to reassuring conclusions that although we’re not perfect, we’re still better than this person or that person.
This isn’t because we want to purposely put people down, in fact, sometimes we even feel sympathy for people whom we think are negative or unprofessional or unambitious or unsuccessful. It’s because we truly believe that we are not like that, and therefore we have an immense dislike for people who are like that.
Most of the time however, when we recognise in others what we do not like, we have to look inwards to make sure we use that as a reminder to never behave like that ourselves.
This is because what we often don’t like or disapproves of in people, is a reflection of a part of our own self that either we don’t like, or try very hard not to be, or pretend it isn’t there.
If we’ve never been rude in our life, chances are we wouldn’t know what rude means, it’d be a concept that doesn’t exist for us. So even when people are being rude or sarcastic, we wouldn’t know because to our eyes and ears they are simply talking and shouting.
We recognise envy in others because we’ve felt envious ourselves, otherwise we won’t know what the concept means, much less recognise it.
So every time we see something we dislike in someone, or we feel compelled to laugh at someone or the urge to judge someone, we can look inwards to see if we can work on our own confidence, our own patience, our own temper, our own self-worth.
Spend more time looking inwards instead of outwards. It’s not about other people being better, it’s about us being better. Don’t ask for a lighter load, but a stronger back, and be happy, always.

Date: October 14, 2017

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