4 Simple Exercises to Amp Up Your Brain


Exercise is the only way to keep your body fit. But with that you also need to keep your brain fit. This video will teach you 4 exercises to Amp up your brain. You May Also Like:
Video Transcription: Title: Hello Folks
We all know that as we age our grey cells start to decay. There are some exercises that I want all you people to try out to keep your brain fit.
So here we go, Use your left hand more often to do things. This forces your brain to establish a connection with a part of your body which is used less. This forms a new pathways in the brain, preventing it from premature ageing.
Write a diary: Writing is a physical activity that helps your brain to concentrate. It will take your brain on a different tangent, giving your grey cells enough exercise by breaking the usual thought process.
Smell your food: Try playing guessing games at your dinner table. Blindfolded, try to recognise the dishes laid in front of you by smelling them. This will be a great way to give your grey cells a boost and revive them.
Last one is Laugh out loud: Laughing is therapeutic and prevents ageing of your brain. It activates the ventromedial prefrontal cortex which releases dopamine. Dopamine is essential for cognitive thinking and learning. Deficiency of dopamine is what leads to various cognitive failures later in life.
So Exercise your Brain naturally and stay tuned with
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Date: October 27, 2017

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