How To ReBuild & Strengthen Your Nervous System


In this video I share with you how to rebuild and strengthen the nervous system using proper nutrition, supplements, and exercise.
identify the leaks
minimize the leaks
proper nutrition and supplements
-proper fats
–why: because they help to build and insulate the nervous system
–ghee, coconut oil, fish oil, pastured eggs
–egg shells should be hard and the yolk a dark yellow orange color
-eat right for your metabolism
–proper ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs
-eliminating processed sugar and processed foods
–eat as clean as you can with out being a fanatic or a nazi
–go for quality and whats right for your metabolism and body
–any of the medicinal mushrooms

proper exercise, breathing, and meditaiton
-main goal to learn how to relax and let go of tension
-learn how to more effectively handle and deal with stress and tension
-fine tune the HPA axis so the body will chemically handle stress more efficiently and effecrtively
learn to identify and let go of tense thoughts and psychological patterns
-this comes with the meditation and will be a natural side effect as you get more in tune with the body
this is the best ghee:
fish oil:

Date: November 9, 2017

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