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Healing Meditation
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In today’s guided meditation created by Deepak Chopra you are going to learn to tap into the healing resources of the universe and how you can easily apply them to your physical body.
When we feel aches and pains, or fall sick, these are signals from our body and it is important to pay attention to them and to respond with compassion.
As we meditate together, please remember that it is in your power to be kind to yourself, to care for and to sooth your beautiful body that has been carrying you for so many years. In a way it is time to thank your body for allowing you to feel, to move, to breathe, to smell, to laugh, to hold, to love, to be loved, and simply TO BE.
As we go into our meditation, please take a moment to consider the following centering thought: “I am Perfection. I am Healthy. I am Strong.” “I am Perfection. I am Healthy. I am Strong.” “I am Perfection. I am Healthy. I am Strong.”
So before we begin please make sure you are sitting comfortably, in an upright position, with your hands gently resting on your knees or on top of your legs. Allow your body to relax, take a deep breath, and close your eyes.
As you breathe in and out softly, with your mouth closed, allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper with each breath.
It is now time to introduce our Mantra. SO HUM, which in Sanskrit means I AM. Repeat softly to yourself those two words: So hum, so hum, so hum, so hum. Now silently in your mind: so hum, so hum, so hum.
Whenever you feel distracted by a sound, a thought or a physical sensation, come back to the mantra and repeat silently in your mind: so hum, so hum, so hum.
In about 5 minutes I will guide you through the next of our healing meditation.
For now please continue on your own now. So hum, so hum, so hum.
It is now time to let go of the mantra. Please keep your eyes closed, and bring your awareness to your heart. Right in the middle of your chest is your heart centre. With all your awareness try to see, to sense, to feel your heartbeat. Can you feel your heartbeat as a sound? Can you feel your heartbeat as a sensation?
Now that you are experiencing your heartbeat as a sound or a sensation, bring your awareness to your hands, and all the way down to your fingertips. Feel your heartbeat in your fingertips. Do you feel that? You have just diverted blood flow to your This is one of the fastest ways to relieve a migraine headache.
Now bring back your awareness to your heart, and start repeating mentally the four words: “Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.”. Silently in your mind: “Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.”
Now move you awareness to any part of your body that you want to bring healing to. You don’t need to visualize anything, just be aware. Bringing your awareness to these different parts of your body will bring consciousness, which is healing.
Move from one to the other, or be aware of them all at once, whichever feels comfortable to you. And when you are done come back to your heart. Bring your awareness back to your heart. Stay there for a little while.
Start repeating those four words again: “Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.” “Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.” “Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love.”
Keeping your awareness to your heart, start experiencing gratitude. Think of all the things you are already grateful for, all the people in your life you are grateful for. Dwell on that feeling of gratitude, raise it’s intensity, like you would turn up the volume on a dial, and feel it radiating through your whole body. Smile.
Take a deep breath, and allow your body some time to rest. When you are ready, you can open your eyes.
As you continue with your day, remember today’s centering thought. “I am perfection. I am healthy. I am strong.”
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Date: October 31, 2017

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