Full Moon in Aries Meditation ~ The Vision of Perfection ~ w/ Delta Binaurals

In this meditation, we explore the faculty of vision through the eye of mind. The vision of perfection can often be a hidden standard by which we measure our quality of our lives. This ideal of perfection can be a source of discontent when some area of our lives don’t measure up. But there is something valuable to be harnessed in our dream of perfection. It reminds us that there is an ongoing evolution and expansion, and with each new level of actualization more internal resource become available.
In this trans-personal hypnosis session, we explore how our vision of perfection can be used to transform our reality. When we access the vision of perfection resourcefully it can be a catalyst for change. In this session accompanied by a theta brainwave entertainment program, you are invited to transform some specific area of your life through the power of vision.
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Date: October 31, 2017