Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

This meditation, approximately 5 minutes in length, teaches children mindfulness by helping them bring their attention to body sensations, their breathing, and their emotions. Appropriate for children ages 5 and up.
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This video is one in a series. For more meditation videos go to These short video meditations, approximately 3-5 minutes in length, can be used throughout your day whenever you would like to: practice mindfulness by bringing your awareness into the present moment; practice taking a few moments to pause, interrupt the stress response and “reset” your nervous system; and practice turning on your relaxation response to help promote greater ease and calmness (see the descriptions of each audio below). They may be used individually based on your needs, or collectively at different points throughout your day and week to provide a set of skills to help you navigate day-to-day stress and cultivate greater resiliency and well-being.

Date: December 5, 2017