Gnosis – Supra Sexuality

Supra sexuality is the result of sexual transmutation. Christ, Buddha, Dante, Zoroaster,
Mohammed, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl and many other great Masters were Suprasexual.
Man has the power to recreate himself. Man is able to create within himself a Superman.
This is possible using the sexual power wisely. We can recreate ourselves as authentic
Supermen. This is only possible with sexual transmutation. The fundamental key for
sexual transmutation is the Arcanum (Sexual Magic).
In the union of the phallus arid the uterus is found the key of all power. The important
thing is that the couples learn how to retire from the sexual act before the spasm, before
the seminal loss. One must not spill the semen; neither within the uterus nor without, nor
to the side, nor anywhere. Thus we speak clearly so people will understand, although
some puritanical infrasexuals judge us to be pornographic.
The Superman is not the result of evolution. The Superman is born of the Seed. The
Superman is the result of a tremendous revolution of consciousness. The Superman is the
Son of Man mentioned by Christ. The Superman is Adam Christ.
Evolution means that nothing stands still; everyone lives within the concepts of time,
space and movement. Nature in itself contains all possibilities. Nobody reaches
perfection with evolution. Some be come better, and the vast majority become terribly
perverse. That is evolution. The man of innocence, the man of paradise of several million
years ago is now, after much evolution the man of the atomic bomb, the man of the
hydrogen bomb and the corrupted being of embezzlement and crime. Evolution is a
process of complication of energy. We need to return to the point of departure (sex) and
regenerate ourselves. Man is a living seed. The seed, the grain must exert itself to
germinate the Superman. This is not evolution. This is a tremendous Revolution of
Consciousness. With just reason Christ said, “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the
wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up.”
The Son of Man is Adam Christ, the Superman.
With sexual transmutation we can completely regenerate ourselves. The age of sexual
ecstasy is always preceded by the age of sexual pleasure. The same energy that produces
sexual pleasure, when it is transmuted then produces ecstasy.
The lamp of the hermit of the Ninth Arcanum, which is normally found enclosed in the
deep caverns of the sexual organs, must be placed in the tower of the Temple. This tower
is the brain. Then we become illuminated. That is the truly positive path that transforms
us into Masters of Samãdhi (ecstasy).
Every true technique of internal meditation is intimately related with sexual
transmutation. We need to raise the lamp very high to illuminate ourselves.
The birth of the Superman is an absolutely sexual problem. We need to be born again to
enter the Kingdom of the Heavens. The Superman is as different from man as the
lightning is from the black cloud. The lightning comes from the cloud but it is not the
cloud. The lightning is the Superman; the cloud is man. Sexual regeneration puts into
activity the powers that we had in Eden. We lost those powers when we fell into animal
generation. We reconquer those powers when we regenerate ourselves.
Only through the Path of the Perfect Matrimony can we reach suprasexuality.

Date: December 14, 2017