Hypnosis Session: Light Language, Sacred Sexuality and Hybrid Children


*Fast forward to 13:33 for the hypnosis and improved video quality. More time stamps below.
Hi Everyone! I blinked and three months flew by. So I’ve been hard at work on sessions this whole time and hope to get videos out soon. This video is a remote session using a different hypnosis technique (not using any QHHT materials) we are calling Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). I am hypnotizing Lauren Hanson. Prior to the hypnosis we are being interviewed by the wonderful Candace Craw Goldman who runs the global Quantum Healing Support Forum and Quantum Healing Practitioner Directory for healers of all types:
*Pardon the less than stellar rural Kansas and rural South Carolina internet speed during the group interview. The session video itself is high quality!*
Time Stamps for easier navigation:
The hypnosis begins at time mark 13:33
Higher Self/original source energy: 57:25:00
Hybridization program: 1:15:00
Light language: 1:11:00
Sacred sexual: 1:28:45
Disclosure: 1:40:26
Post discussion: 1:45:55
First we meet a tiny and magical Hobbit being who time travels and has an invisibility cloak. Then the information from Lauren’s Higher Self comes forth. Are you interested in Light Language? Listen in and find out if you too, might speak or write it in the future. Sacred Sexuality – its not quite what you might think it is, and Lauren is able to relay information about the ET/Hybrid Children program happening here on our planet.
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Date: December 14, 2017

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