Sacred Sexuality, Yoni Temples & Mother Earth (Music by Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thorton-Derwood Green)

Sacred Sexuality, Yoni Temples & Mother Earth (Music by Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thorton-Derwood Green)
–By Klaudeen Shemirani
May your sacred eye, or Third Eye, be turned on as you experience this video.
I made a video that I wished I had seen or learned when I was young girl. I think I would have loved and honored myself, and the Creator-within, sooner, had I known the Truth about my body, made in the majestic image of Nature, as well as with the creative power of therefore God, Goddess, Allah, Gaia, Buddha, Holy Mother, Divine Father, as the Poet Rumi says, “The Beloved One.”
This video creation was actually made in response to the alchemy of pain, grief and rage I have felt and healed about the injustice, violence and control against our planet and women’s sexuality/bodies, and how it impacts all of humanity, across every global border.
This video is also an attempt to offer more empowering images and connections between women’s sacred sexuality and their innate creative power to create life, beauty, harmony and pleasure in so many creative ways!
Like Mother Earth—women have continued to be degraded, sedated, dehumanized, pornogrified, demonized, abused, used, controlled, dishonored and under-valued because of Her sex—her “Yoni”–or sacred temple and womb. We need to keep countering these messages with new images that reclaim the Sacred in all beings, and reclaiming our connection to Nature, instead of getting more disconnected. This is just a start.
Yes, Mother Earth is one collective Yoni, constantly creating beauty and pleasure, sacred eroticism through constant cycles of death and rebirth, creation and is what menstruating women experience every month, every time her womb sheds and rebirths in relationship to the Moon.
I am still evolving this project/video and co-creating with responses. I hope and pray that if anything feels offensive or uncomfortable, it is not my intention. It is my hope that if uncomfortable feelings arise, that you would become curious and reflect inwardly, instead of reacting with judgment. Please save that for God.
My Affirmed Prayer:
I see women, and their sexuality and bodies, revered as temples (yonis) of infinite creative power that are honored for its erotic, healing medicine, and expressions of Nature’s beauty and divinity. This is how it was in the ancient days. May all beings born from a womb feel its innate wholeness and connection to God, Goddess, Allah, Nature, Divine Mother, Holy Father, Universe, there you call the Beloved One!
I give great thanks to the inspirational images I have used here, and their originators/creators. I would love to give credit to you individually if I could (this is my first published video). Thank you!
And THANK YOU to the amazing artists who created this song of inspiration–Derwood Green–one of the first song’s that inspired me to be sacred dancer and gate keeper of sacred belly dance–Hossam Ramsy and Phil Thorton. Your music has been medicine to my soul and body for so many years. Thank you! Blessings!
I give thanks to Tāra L Kalï and her WombVerse teachings who mirrored (mirrors) my creative artist and majesty-within. Thank you for helping me believe I could make this video on my own-LOL! I see you Beloved!
To my beloved Ana who helped me discover this intoxicating, life-changing song on a special summer night!!
And to my “Diva Goddess of the Universe”–you know you YOU for calling me out on my Goddess first!!!! XOXOX
And of course, I give thanks to my incredibly amazing professors, shamans, priestesses and sisters at Sofia University (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) who helped me remember and reclaim the Great Yoni Goddess within! May we keep re-birthing, creating, reclaiming and meeting each other along the eternal Sacred Way! Blessed Be!
ॐ Namaste ॐ

Date: December 14, 2017