Sexuality Myths With Riyadh K! | Melanie Murphy

Riyadh K & I are talking sexuality myths & stories today + sharing our huge ‘RE MOVING IN TOGETHER IN LONDON!
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► In this video, as well as our massive announcement, we’re getting giddy with wine and talking all things being LGBT and hearing the many silly associated myths, such as:
‘more prone to sexually transmitted disease’
‘more promiscuous than straight people’
‘more likely to cheat on partners’
‘can’t be monogamous’
‘can’t be religious’
‘bisexuals are just greedy/bisexual erasure’
‘you’re LGBT because you had a bad childhood’
‘your sexuality is a choice’
…and lots more!
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► First song used is by the wonderful Peter Gundry:
There’s also a medley in there later on in the a guess in the comments, which musical is it from?
► The YouTubers we mentioned at the end who inspired us a lot and gave us some great advice, the SacconeJolys:
THE TOP IS FROM ZARA! It was in my recent fashion haul on my channel 🙂
The ship #relanie is most certainly sailing hahaha! I adore Riyadh and I’d love you to follow him because I know you will, too! And I adore you my faMely 🙂 We had an impromptu meetup the day after filming this and got to hang out with viewers and buy them hot me on Twitter if you wanna keep up to date on future meetups all around the world as next year I’m travelling lots and doing lots in Britain and Ireland! xxx

Date: December 14, 2017