Singing Exercises for Sleep Apnea How Singing Therapy Can Cure Your Apnea


How Do Singing Exercises Eliminate Sleep Apnea?
Singing exercises target and strengthen the flabby mouth & throat muscles and tissues.
With regular and consistent practice, muscle strength is restored and the soft palate becomes less susceptible to blocking your throat and disrupting your breathing.
Numerous studies that have proven the effectiveness of singing exercises.
Will Singing Therapy Cure My Sleep Apnea?
If you have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea caused by flabby muscles and tissues in the nose and throat then singing exercises could be the sleep apnea treatment you’re looking for!
If you suffer from the severest form of OSA, singing therapy might provide little benefit.
Singing exercises would not be effective if your sleep is due to a nasal blockage such as a deviated septum.
Singing therapy is also not effective for sufferers of central sleep apnea.
What Are the Other Benefits of Singing Therapy?
● Non-invasive
● Risk-free
● Great fun
● Inexpensive
One example of a specific song for sleep apnea is sung to the tune of the song “Early One Morning”. You can listen to the song on YouTube.
Singing Tips
■ Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed
■ Keep your chin relaxed and in a neutral position
■ Start slowly at the outset to avoid straining your vocal chords
■ Sing at the back of the mouth
■ Stress the sounds for absolute precision
■ Focus on the areas in your mouth that are being exercised
■ Stress the sounds for absolute precision
■ Once you get a hang of the exercises sing with enjoyment, enthusiasm and abandon
■ Be diligent and disciplined about your singing exercises
■ Be patient: It will take a few months of singing practices before you reap the benefits
On successful completion of singng therapy you’ll have …
♦ Reduced snoring and breathing disruptions
♦ Improved quality of sleep
♦ Reduced daytime sleepiness
♦ Improved cognition

Date: October 31, 2017

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