A Spirituality That Comes out of Nature | Chloé Zhao | Studio 9 | TIFF 2017


Director Chloé Zhao (THE RIDER) talks about the stories that she wants to tell and how they relate to nature and spirituality.
Chloé Zhao’s (SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME) Art Cinema Award–winning impressionistic drama casts real-life wrangler Brady Jandreau as a South Dakota cowboy struggling to chart a new course.
“A horse’s purpose is to run in the prairies; a cowboy’s is to ride.” So, what does a cowboy become when he can no longer ride? This is the question at the centre of Chloé Zhao’s THE RIDER, and the defining conflict for its protagonist, Brady Blackburn. A skilled rodeo cowboy and horse trainer, Brady suffers a near-fatal accident that abruptly halts his career and forces him to contemplate what a new life could look like.
The ability to ride defines a man’s worth in Brady’s world. Though riding and horses are never far from his thoughts, Brady now spends his days working at the local supermarket and his nights drinking with his buddies. With his mother gone and with a borderline alcoholic father with a gambling problem, Brady finds himself responsiblefor his 15-year-old sister, Lilly. With his limited education, money and local fame may seem easiest to come by in the world of rodeo, but so are injury and even death.
Returning to the docudrama technique that earned her debut feature, SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME, critical acclaim, Zhao integrates the real lives of her actors into her storytelling. Majestically captured by Joshua James Richards’ intimate photography, the dusty, expansive landscapes provide the canvas for Zhao’s art. Stoic and fearless with a rare sense of authenticity, she embraces the humanity of its characters and explores definitions of masculinity without glorification or judgment. THE RIDER is less a western than a film about the real American west.

Date: October 14, 2017

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