Nature Is The Missing Step In Spirituality – Grow Something – Re-focus on Life energy


How is Nature the missing step in spirituality?
By focusing on “lifelessness” too much, how are we not recognizing life anymore and what is being manifesting in Nature from such a focus?
How are we inaccurately defining abundance as predominantly what has no life in it, and how is this consciousness manifesting?
How does our valuing what is inanimate over what has life communicating to us that we view life as not worthy of being protected and nurtured anymore?
How can we refocus our energies through growing things, even if it is simply plants in our own home?
Everything is symbolic. And Nature speaks we have lost touch with Her Holy Spark, so because what is without always mirrors what is within, we have lost touch with our own. All the pollution and other energies are symbolic of how we have polluted ourselves trying to fill a void within with what could never fill it up. How we are always left wanting more, or feeling never enough. We can purify our consciousness of this pollution and through purifying it within us, we can have a purifying affect on our environment and world.
Yes, I disable comments and ratings. I don’t want my mind touched by those things. I’m not here for anyone’s approval, likes, ratings, censure etc, but simply to share a message and have a place to upload.

Date: October 14, 2017

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