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** If you have a history of early anxiety or depression, and you answer YES to 5 of these statements, you may be a candidate for DNA Evolve:
1. I get frustrated more easily than I should.
2. I get angry when I know that I shouldn’t.
3. I have a hard time sleeping at night.
4. I feel anxious.
5. I get overwhelmed too easily.
6. I have too many angry thoughts; I get upset if things are not the way I think they should be.
7. I will do whatever it takes to correct a difficult situation.
8. I am great when there is no stress, but when things do not go right I get stressed out and can get angry.
9. I have an addiction (drugs, alcohol, food, work, sex, computers, gambling, etc.)
10. I feel fear when faced with a new situation.
11. I have been diagnosed with heart disease.
12. I have irritable bowel syndrome.
13. I have or have been told I have PMS.
14. I have had at least one miscarriage.
If you answer yes to 5 or more of these questions then you may have a genetic condition called MTHFR deficiency. If you get tested (company called ’23 and me’), you can understand a great deal about WHY you always felt this way.
This was my and why I developed DNA Evolve with Dr. Howard to address the real problems. I feel incredible today.
What I consider the TOP 10 Brain Supplements in 2016:
#10 – OptiMind –
#9 – Lucidal –
#8 – Neuroflexyn –
#7 – Focus –
#6 – Zynapse –
#5 – Limitless Brain Pill –
#4 – Oxiracetam –
#3 – CILTEP –
#2 – Brain Force –
#1 – DNA Evolve –
Raymond Francis’ guide to choosing health supplements:
Do you have a genetic defect? (Under methylation, like me?):
Methylation for dummies:
Basic Ingredients and their purported benefits:
Huperzine A:
Slows the breakdown of choline.
Used in Ayurveda for centuries for neurological and cognitive improvements.
Dilate blood vessels, crosses blood-brain barrier. Enhances circulation.
Phosphatidyl Choline:
Slows down brain aging, enhances neuroplasticity and boosts cognition.
Cholinergic effects help produce brain chemicals such as acetylcholine.
Artichoke extract combined with Forskolin:
Memory retention, cognitive communication, retrieving stored memories.
Enhances cholinergenic signalling.
Gingko Biloba:
Enhances oxygen utilization and thus improves memory & concentration.
Cognitive energy and motivation rush.
PEA (PhenyEthylamine):
A trace amine; causes the release of the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Norepinephrine within the brain.
Alpha GPC:
Used to improve recall, memory time and mood.
1-in-3 Americans have a genetic variation that impairs their ability
to properly utilize folic acid (vitamin B9). If you are an individual with an impaired ability to utilize regular folic acid, L-5MTHF supplementation can make a truly dramatic difference in your health.
The most commonly available form of vitamin B-12 on the market is the cheap synthetic form that’s actually bound to a cyanide molecule (yes, cynamid – poison). It’s called cyanocobalamin. Low-end vitamin manufacturers use it because it can be bought in bulk and added to products with claims they “contain vitamin B-12”. Cyanocobalamin is up to 1000 times cheaper than the higher quality methylcobalamin.
Methylcobalamin is the form that exists in nature, meaning your body can immediately put it to use.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure disease.

Date: October 14, 2017

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