What Is Happiness? – An Extremely Advanced Definition Of Happiness

What Is Happiness – If you come to accept and live this definition of happiness you can permanently end all suffering, forever!
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At a deep level, happiness is an elusive state that few actually achieve. What we typically mistake for happiness is actually just excitement as a result of external stimuli. There’s certainly no shortage of stimuli in our world today. We have literally become addicted to the elevated mood we get from daring feats, exceptional food, an absorbing movie, or cruising the internet. When that thrill is over, we are already hungering for the next.
Our ego encourages us to stay on this unending roller coaster ride of highs and lows, telling us that’s just the nature of life. In truth, we’ve become creators of the drama in our life on which we’re now hooked. Devoid of stimulation, our body goes into withdrawal much like that of an addict. Our minds have grown lazy with all the easy thrills, and we’ve distorted the arc of our life with all these cheap diversions.
Unfortunately, true happiness is an inside job. To find it, we must first unplug and seek it. Meditation and deep contemplation will shrink the ego’s influence so that we can find inner peace.

Date: October 14, 2017