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Open your mind, mind expansion, motivation, optimism, inspiration, awareness, personal development.
Break away from the “prison” of mental barriers of the past and self-limitation that are rooted deep in your subconscious mind. Your beliefs create your thoughts, thoughts create your actions, actions your habits and your habits define your life. If you change yourself You Can change your life and with patience and persistence You Can create the life You want.
Repeat mentally or aloud the conscious phrases that appear, to remain focused.
The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.
~ William James
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Here are some of the subliminal suggestions:
Your mind is expanding constantly
You have the power to change
You are free from beliefs that limit you
Your mind is expanding constantly
You are free of any limitation now
You control your life
You are free of any mental barrier
You develop and evolve continuously
Every day you become a better person
You deserve the best
You believe in your own powers
You think positively
Your life is constantly improving
The best is here and waiting
You respect yourself
Positive thoughts are your reality now
You have inner and outer beauty
You have strength and determination
You have the freedom to be what you want to be
You increase your awareness and live more consciously
You expect great things to happen in your life
You release the past
You have the power to change your life for the better
You control your thoughts now
You totally believe in yourself and your powers
You deserve everything that is good
You shape your life and control your destiny
You increase your awareness and live more consciously
You can change
You are free from all limiting beliefs
You always positively affect those around you
You think optimistically
You can change anything you want
You become more and more your best self
You can be what you want to be
You have perfect mental and physical health
Your positive thoughts are your reality now
You attract people and circumstances that are for your good
Your awareness is increasing more and more everyday
You are inspired and inspire others
You always feel the opportunities
Spiritual and physical wellness now
Success is in your mind
Your good thoughts become your beliefs now
You believe in yourself
You have strong confidence
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Date: October 15, 2017

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