Asking awkward questions about religion and sexuality | Katie Vardy | TEDxYouth@StJohns


TED is the infamous idea-sharing platform that has given ideas and issues from every corner of the world a global stage. TEDxYouth@StJohns takes this model to the community level — in our case, creating an event designed by youth, for youth, all under the age of 30.
Katie has been proudly raised on the rock for the past 20 years. She identifies as female, uses the pronouns she/her, and is queer. A second-year student at Memorial University, Katie is pursuing a Religious Studies Degree and aspires to become an ordained Minister with the United Church of Canada. She’s passionate about reading, singing, sewing, hiking, and good wine. She is also especially passionate about cats.
For Katie, church is her second home — where she always feels 110% confident being herself, and where her and her partner, Dani, are welcomed and accepted. She’s always been an active member, and has been blessed with many opportunities to travel with the United Church of Canada to represent her faith and spirituality.

Date: December 14, 2017

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