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The right kind of music can soothe us into a perfect state of relaxation. Add this scientifically-based, 8 hour-long video to your nighttime playlist and catch more Zzzz’s.
The music is based on research done by psychologist Dave Elliot of the University of Cumbria. He found that the most relaxing music, according to volunteers in anxiety studies, had these features: 90 beats per minute, a 4/4 beat, piano and strings, and narrow note sequences where the notes moved from low to high.
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►Music to study, work, read and get focused:
The music to study of Musicoterapia is ideal to be able to focus in depth during the study and get the most out of it. It helps you concentrate, pay more attention, focus and work in a more efficient way. Our music to study contains brain waves, specifically Alpha waves, which increase concentration and the power of the brain to improve the memory and the intelligence. This instrumental relaxing music will help you to study, focus and learn more quickly to allow that your mind reaches the best of its focus states. It’s ideal for the job and the study
►Music of relaxation and meditation to calm the mind and control anxiety:
Our music of relaxation and meditation is perfect to Buddhist meditations, Zen meditations, aware meditations, Deepak Chopra meditations and Eckhart Tolle meditations, among others. This type of music contains elements of a lot of cultures like: Japanese music, Indian music, Tibetan music, Chinese music, Shamanic music. Our music to meditate is also ideal for calm the mind, control anxiety, eliminate stress, stop thinking, etc.
►Relaxing music for spas and massages:
Our instrumental music is calm and soft. It’s a music that facilitates the complete relaxation of the body after a long day of work and helps the body to get into a total relax state. This music is perfect to be used in Spas and massages, since it contains relaxation relaxing sounds very soft that helps to relax both the body and mind. Besides, much of our compositions contain relaxing sounds presents in nature, as the sound of: sea waves, rivers and water falls, relaxing rain, birds from the woods, etc. The music of Musicoterapia will be of great help to get you relaxed.
►Reiki Zen music and music to heal the chakras:
This music is perfect to sessions of reiki to favor an easy entrance to the Zen state. Let the spiritual sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness and prepare yourself to receive the vibrations. This type of music is ideal to heal, clean and balance the seven chakras. Also we have the sounds of the Tibetan bowls with its correspondent tones to heal each chakra.
►Music for yoga and Pilates:
The music provided is perfect for Pilates and all kind of yoga (anusura yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, iyengar yoga, kripalu yoga, power yoga, bharata yoga, viniyoga, naked yoga, aereal yoga, dru yoga, hot yoga, yoga nidra, laugh yoga, integral yoga, anada yoga, nada yoga, bhakti yoga, restorative yoga, yoga ayurvédico, kripalu yoga, sivananda yoga, aquatic yoga, acroyoga, vinyasa yoga and therapeutic yoga).
►Relaxing Shamanic music:
The music of Shamanic category pretends to emulate the altered states of consciousness as it’s made by Shamans anywhere in the world, with sounds of the mother nature and the animals of power that help the listener to enter in a deep calm state in which the body heals and the soul cleanses energy, giving calm, peace and quietude with a long listening.
►Music to sleep deeply and rest with Delta waves:
The music to sleep of Musicoterapia is a relaxing music, perfect to enjoy a profound and pleasurable dream. Our music to sleep is the best music that you’ll find to calm the mind, relieve stress, diminish insomnia and foment sleep. This type of music is a fusion of Delta waves and soft instrumental music that will help you achieve a profound relaxation and so be able to sleep and rest with ease. Our videos have been composed specifically to relax the mind and body, and are ideal to babies, children, teenagers and adults that need relaxing music to reconcile the sleep.
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Date: October 14, 2017

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