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Infinity is not in a box nor was it meant to be put in a box
Most people are stuck in the dream cube a personal prison within the matrix prison based upon fear False. Evidence. Appearing. Real, Sucking the life force out of every soul they don’t know they are in it thinking this is all there is and not knowing that the only thing that is not a illusion is Love everything else is a virtual simulation with various programs running at any given time not to mention the ones designed to make you soul less. What if all the walls came down and you found yourself outside the cube and you became the dreamer again and moved on to different dream experiences filled with infinite realities and possibilities. Do not suppress or suffocate your creativity or the infinite you. This Audio program subliminal awareness and part two will bring down the walls of the 3 Dimensional cube so that now your thinking outside the cube and your perception is no longer limited. May you remember the day, the days divinity.
Subliminal Messages:
I Am Freedom.
Freedom Of Expression.
Freedom In Movement.
Freedom In Growth.
Freedom To Be.
Freedom To Create.
Freedom To Do.
Freedom To Think.
Freedom To Choose.
I Choose To Always Remain Awake.
Love Rules My Powers.
I Expand My Point Of Attention.
I Expand My Field Of Vision.
I Have A Open Mind.
I Can Think For Myself.
I Am Infinite.
It’s Ok To Be Different.
I Am That I Am.
I Am A Being Of Immense Power.
I Access Higher Spiritual Realms.
I Embody My Full Divine Presence.
I Maintain A Harmonious Inner Balance.
I Open My Mind And Heart.
True Connection.
True Intelligence.
True Inspiration.
True Sensory Awareness.
I Add Infinite Symphony Of Light ,
To My Movement And Growth.
Infinite Possibilities.
I Awaken To My Highest,
And Best Blessed Potential.
I Allow Enhanced Life Energy,
To Circulate More Freely.
It Is My Intention That I Create,
Experience And Express
My Life From Within My Heart.
It Is My Intention,
That I Am Guided
By My Highest Essence
In Every Moment.
I Open My Mind,
To What Is Known And Unknown.
I Allow The Richness Of My Inner World,
To Sprout And Re Awaken In Alignment.
There’s not any aspect of life that can’t be improved with NLP and Hypnosis.
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Date: October 15, 2017

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