Mouth and Throat Exercises for Sleep Apnea: The World’s Easiest Effective Apnea Treatment?

Mouth and Throat Exercises (also known as “Oropharyngeal” or “Orofacial” Exercises): a sleep apnea treatment that’s both effective AND doesn’t involve wearing horrible equipment to bed. Sleep apnea sufferers love mouth and throat exercises because this treatment method:
– Is easy to do
– Can be done at home
– Is free
– Has no side effects
– Is proven in scientific trials to cure sleep apnea
Mouth and throat exercises can improve mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.
These exercises are aimed at improving the muscle and tissue strength within your upper respiratory system.
They include the soft palate and the area of the tongue at the back of your mouth. The Orofacial exercises also target the mid-throat (oropharynx) and lower throat (laryngopharynx) areas. Some throat exercises strengthen the front of your neck and help to correctly position your jaw if it’s not properly aligned when you are sleeping.
Orofacial Exercises Eliminate the Causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea that relate to:
i. Age,
ii. Jawline,
iii. Enlarged Soft Palate and/or Tongue
iv. Elongated Uvula
Illness, Disease, Excess Weight, and Thick Neckline
The mouth and throat exercises have proven to be a successful treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea in studies performed by many distinguished universities and institutes, including:
a) Sao Paulo University Medical School
b) National Institutes of Health
c) American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
The Mouth and throat exercises include:
1) Tongue Exercises for Sleep Apnea,
2) Throat Exercises for Sleep Apnea
3) Soft Palate Exercises for Sleep Apnea
4) Jaw Exercises for Sleep Apnea
The ‘Sleep Apnea Exercises Program’ covers all of the above listed exercises.

Date: October 31, 2017